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4 Intriguing Decisions From Martin Luther King

There is no question that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a great orator and an inspiring leader. Less has been said about his brilliance as a strategic decision-maker. Here are four key strategic decisions in the life and career of Martin Luther King, Jr. by Nick Tasler Read More

Consciousness-raising is all about connecting dots

Thanks for this insightful article Nick Tasler.

I especially appreciate the final point you made regarding the "questionable decision" part.

I truly believe Martin Luther King Jr. was correct to diversify since one cannot separate racism and related systemic issues. Bravo that King "increasingly broadened his focus from racial equality to also include economic equality."

We are seeing the fruits of his wise decision among activists today. Consciousness-raising is all about connecting dots.

Love it! So as soon as MLK

Love it! So as soon as MLK decided to shift his focus from a big injustice to an even bigger one he is criticized, because in the USA you can't talk about income inequality without being discredited, ostracized, or - in Dr. King's case - an even worse fate? Questioning his decision alone is evidence of how screwed up our society is.

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Nick Tasler has a background in organizational psychology. He is the author of Why Quitters Win: Decide to Be Excellent.


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