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Letters to a Young Student: Part 3

An aging psychotherapist reflects on his experiences, in response to a young student's inquiries Read More


Wow, what a great post George. I really enjoyed your exploration and reflections on your past clients and how it connected to you personally.


This all sounded Bipolar to me.


What does it mean to say this sounded "bipolar?" Is this a diagnosis of the blog? The young man described was diagnosed manic-depressive, but this was before "bipolar" came into vogue. What is the point being made here?


You couldn't have mustered up a less constructive statement. What does that even mean? For a post to be Bipolar?

guiding the young

Hey George, I wish I had known you when I was a young man. Oh wait, I WAS a young man when I first met you at Rutgers 40 years ago!

finding guidance

I wish I had known someone like myself when I was a young student - alas, it was not to be.

Dear George, Love the para

Dear George,

Love the para beginning "But there is more. The Universe exists in such a way as to generate the possibility of our own coming into being... and the constituents of reality, on smaller and smaller scales, turn out to be interdependent, entangled phenomena rather than fully separable units somehow subsisting in ontological solitude."

Wow, beautiful lyrics to the song of relationship, I believe! Maybe a prayer or a poem to life itself!

I'm inspired.
All the best and thanks,
Xo Penelope

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George Atwood, Ph.D., is a professor of psychology at Rutgers. He is the author of The Abyss of Madness, which examines therapeutic approaches to psychotic states.


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