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Did Pope Francis Have a Lost Love?

He Was 12 Years Old

As reported by the Herald Sun:

"'If I don't marry you, I'll become a priest.' They didn't get married. He became a priest. And yesterday, he became the pope. 

According to a bespectacled, white-haired woman identified only as Amalia, Pope Francis wrote those words to her in a letter more than sixty years ago, when they were just 10 or 12 years old."


As reported, her parents broke them apart after they found a letter he sent to her in which he talked about what kind of house he would buy for her after they married. Her parents didn't like that - but they were only 10 and 12!

And so he became a priest, true to his word to her. Given that degree of introspection on his part, at such a young age, maybe he would have purchsed that house he promised to her, if they had married? We will never know.

Nancy Kalish, Ph.D., is an Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the California State University, Sacramento. She is the author of Lost & Found Lovers.


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