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The Museum of Broken Relationships

What do you do with gifts from a broken romance?

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Did you know there is a Museum of Broken Relationships? It collects tokens from failed romances. There are currently 800 of these relics, in a touring exhibit from Croatia that is currently in London.

A story about the exhibit, by Paul Sims, ran online in The Daily Mail, on August 17th.

Each of the tokens is captioned with explanations of what they mean - and meant - to the person who donated them, along with the location, date, and length of the romance. The items run the gamut from teddy bear to underwear, from telephone to broken gnome.

The tokens tell of heartache, anger, and even celebration.

Many people have leftovers from former sweethearts that they don't throw out but don't know what to do with, either. What would you donate to this exhibit?


Nancy Kalish, Ph.D., is an Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the California State University, Sacramento. She is the author of Lost & Found Lovers.


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