Reaching to the core of the stepmother experience

The One Topic American Parents Need to Discuss but Aren't

What our kids fail to learn when we do everything in our power to keep them safe all the time... Read More

I get funny looks...

People don't care for my method of parenting. If a child is doing something that can kill them, injure them for life, hurt someone else, or break something important I stop them. For everything else I let them do it but I will point out flaws in their thinking. For example I informed my oldest son that his odd way of walking was going to cause him to fall when we left a store. He choose to continue being goofy and it caused him to fall and hurt his hands.

This rule also works in the kitchen. If we are boiling water or frying something with a large amount of oil then we don't allow children in the room. But if we are cooking something less dangerous then the oldest can help. My boys are 5 and 2 and doing just fine so far... so far the worst injury was split skin that needed to be glued to reduce any scaring and he was doing something he wasn't allowed to do.

Thinking you should sail like that with two very young children is a special kind of stupid though...

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