Reaching to the core of the stepmother experience

Deconstructing (Electronic) Infidelity

Email is a powerful, seductive and potentially cruel mistress. Just ask the players in l'affaire Petraeus. Read More

History is repeating itself

In libraries, museums and personal safes sits millions of letters written to and by those overseas and fighting wars from that last several centuries. If there exists a postal service then there is exists correspondence shared by the lovelorn.

Romances have sprung up between parties that may be polar opposites, share nothing in common other than the ability to put pen to paper and say what the receiver wants to hear. This game of letter-volleyball has been going on from the dawn of time. There has been only one lapse and that would be in they years after the phone was invented and preceding the invention of email, where most communication was done verbally so there is no breadcrumb trail of evidence.

Email is delicious, it exists, it can be forwarded and copied. Those of us who understand the Internet and computers also understand the pitfalls of not respecting how communications can be traced and publicized. Petreaus, Broadwell, Kelley and Allen have shown us their arrogance, their stupidity and their desperation. They are right where the deserve to be, on the front page of every newspaper with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

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