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3 Ideas for a Summer to Remember

Before you know it, "Any plans for the summer?" will become "How was your summer?" Here are 3 ways to make it unforgettable. Read More

#Somenerve Challenge

Challenge accepted (Although the goals I am about to write will really take a year rather than just one season, but what better season than summer to start!):

1. Do something that scares me: Well ironically success scares me--I know, most people fear failure, but I fear the intense attention that comes with success. I will challenge this fear by blogging my first YA novel (Why yes, I do know it will be a success.)

2. Do something you haven't done in a long time--I will return to Tango lessons. I love Tango, but last year I was run over by a truck and it has been a year of recovery. Now that I have most of my strength, flexibility, and endurance back, it is time to up the ante.

3. Commit to a goal that is difficult to accomplish--due to the aforementioned accident, I have also gained 50 lbs! (Yes, there has been a serious imbalance between my activity level and caloric intake.) My goal is to lose it gradually over the following year. If I lose a pound a week I will make it. The hard part will be staying committed. I due so love my ice cream and baked goods.

3 Ideas for a Summer to Remember

You've got a LOT of nerve, Tricia! I love all your challenges - especially that 1) you know success is in the cards 2) after surviving terrible hardship you are ready to bring fun and the romance of tango back into your life and 3) that you are committing to your health long term. Can't wait to hear how your life changes as you embrace this season and the next and next.

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