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I find this article interesting. I am just at the point of dealing with early trauma in a more body-grounded way. As I was thinking of dealing with early sexual abuse, I realized that in fact what was more primary is early neglect that was both physical and emotional. What I see this article addressing is the emotional neglect, at least in my case. And along with that, is not being touched in nurturing ways. I grew up in the States in a touch-phobic family. When I went on a student exchange in Brazil at age 18, I shrank from the frequent touching that is a natural part of that culture. After over a year there, I had learned to process and appreciate loving, caring touch. Coming back to the States was a traumatic event as I felt the withdrawal from others who I reached out to touch. I guess what I'm saying is that for me there is a little baby and toddler who didn't get touched in a safe, loving way nearly enough, an actual serious neglect. And that that is intertwined with an emotional neglect - how was I feeling, who was I really, etc.?

Thank you for this article. It's helping in my progression to healing by acknowledging what I missed and still need very badly.

great read about playing the

great read about playing the victim. I needed to read it. Thanks!

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