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Joking About Sex: Who's Laughing More?

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Male jokes about cunnilingus

Male jokes about cunnilingus are tedious repetitions concerning saltiness and discomfort, reinforcing the idea of the male's unwillingness to perform this act.

Ummm not they aren't. In fact I've never heard any joke about "saltiness" and oral sex in my life, I'm 42, was in a fraternity, listen to comedy regular, and have performed oral sex on more than an average due to being a swinger.

Nor have I ever heard anyone mention "discomfort". I don't know what comedians you listen to, but honey they suck, if they exist.

Some day listen to Sam Kinison's on how to eat pussy.

Maybe you have a hard time getting oral sex, but its pretty freaking common out there for women.

Why the dismissive tone, Chicup?

Chicup, surely you agree with the author's basic message? If you haven't heard of saltiness, why not admit you've heard it described with other unsavory flavors? If you've had the experiences you say you've had, you'd have to have been brain dead not to have heard.

And you haven't heard of discomfort? I have. Lots. Like neck muscles, mouth lock, tired tongue, or whatever.

As for the general tone of your comment, you seem to be playing right into the description the author paints of a man's reaction to exactly what she's saying, namely, you try to be dismissive and turn it around on her, like, "maybe you have a hard time getting oral sex". How lame. You've illustrated her point exactly. Great job.

Too many "victimhood" soap

Too many "victimhood" soap box PT blogs, this is one of them. I'm dismissive because she had no idea what shes talking about.

I've NEVER heard a comedian EVER talk about "salty" or "discomfort" in having oral sex with a woman, yet this author thinks thats whats common out there.

Its simply untrue and the author is just trying to make some point out of nothing.

Re: Too many "victimhood" soap

I think the author has a very good idea what she's talking about. I'll give you the point about saltiness, but that point of yours seems to be just nitpicking. Surely you can think of other derogatory terms that have been used in that context? The author's main point still stands.

A point out of nothing? I don't think so. I tend to think you're the one in a bubble if you indeed haven't heard derogatory terms LIKE the one the author mentions.


And so you've never heard a joke about a guy complaining about a sore neck? I have, many times. If you haven't, that's your problem, not the author's it would seem.

. "What's feminine and what's


"What's feminine and what's masculine when it comes to sex and comedy?"

Answer: nothing.

There are many women comedians that have many male fans...

...and then there are crappy women comedians like Kathy Griffin.

I'm sorry if men don't find the author funny --- maybe she just sucks.

Kathy Griffin... love her humor

I'm a guy and I love her blunt and raunchy humor. Not crappy at all.

Some day listen to Margaret

Some day listen to Margaret Cho on how to eat pussy.

White Guys Can't Joke

As a white Christian American male, I must obey
stern politically correct rules. I can't fool around
with women. Generally, I'm not even allowed near women.
It's "honkie dorry," (no pun intended) if someone of the
proper ethinitcy or race calls women "bitches and hoes,"
but heaven forbid if the white Christian male does it.

The stuff about appreciating

The stuff about appreciating a man that will go down on a woman, contrasts the way I have thought/felt about such stuff in my younger years.

I'm 28 and male, and earlier on - probably in my teens - I would find the idea of a blow job vulgar and perhaps a bit off-putting. I would think that cunnilingus would be more fair to expect than fellatio, and would find it natural that that would be a thing that a guy would want to do.

Or something along those lines, if I don't remember well enough.

Perhaps it should be noted that I had some sex-negative attitudes as a young teenager, and that I had not then, and have not now, tried one or the other mentioned sexual acts.

It all changed with President Clinton

I think it all changed with President Clinton, our sex education president and the explicit descriptions in the $50 million taxpayer-funded Starr Report. The report was an eye-opener for me, as it made clear that Monica was a willing participant and that she had orgasms in the Oval Office.

And then the way President Clinton talked about it, he made it clear that oral sex wasn't really sex. A whole generation of young people appear to have adopted that definition, giving oral sex to boys in junior high school if not earlier -- and they're still virgins because it's not officially sex.

And what he did in the Oval Office must not have been that bad because President Clinton is still greatly admired and is even considered a positive influence on Hillary's potential run for president.

Yes, indeed, quite a change in only a handful of decades. Oral sex is A-OK and approved even in the Oval Office. If you don't like it or haven't done it, you are now officially "old fashioned".

Feminist fiction

Besides click-bait, why would a this site allow an English professor to write a jezebel level victimhood-enabling fantasy story on a place meant for actual psychology articles?

You cannot use non-sourced anecdotal evidence to generalize behavior of entire societies and/or genders. This is not remotely research, or science.

Get that head out of your ass and grow up, or turn it into a comedy act if you think it'll work. Just don't put this nonsense here anymore, keep it inside the echo chambers where it originates from.

Re: feminist fiction

If you want peer-reviewed research articles, you can find them in the reading room at your local university psychology department.

That's very good advice for

That's very good advice for the author.

lost count of how many times

lost count of how many times female comedians have launched into a no-holds-barred-tirade about pen!s size...hmmm i think women love to cherry pick what they find never hear any of these women slam a female comedian for launching into one of their bas-an-ex male bash fests in a standup routine even getting racial and engaging sterotypes...pretty pathetic.And to beat all some of these same types were the ones calling for Saturday Night Live' not to put Andrew Dice Clay on years agao...Chelsea Handler,Sarah Silverman etc have let loose some of the most derogatory crap ive ever heard...yet that Seth Macfarlane does a boob parody at the Oscars and women go nuts....hypocrites much?

So what?

Perhaps I'm in a minority of guys, but I actually find it funny when women make penis size jokes. Doesn't bother me at all.

Why do these kinds of jokes rattle you? I say, man up!

Your VAGINA is so BIG

Your VAGINA is so BIG you
could drive a mactruck through
Women should learn to wash their snatch i mean afterall..n one likes rotten
White women are so loose,you could park a mini-cooper in their

yes, there's a similar joke on men

There's a similar comment from some uninformed women about uncircumcised men -- about how they don't keep themselves clean. You hear this mostly from American women (as opposed to European) who typically have never seen an uncircumcised man.

But the problem there is the same as for men who complain -- ignorance. Simple hygiene does the trick.

I laugh when I hear the stupid complaint about women's vaginas being too big. As if YOU yourself haven't had your whole body in one that was stretched out 4 inches wide. Unless you were born by C-section.

Also like the female comeback, "Maybe it's your penis that's too small!"

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