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5 Essentials for a Strong and Pleasurable Relationship

You should NOT treat your relationship like a chew toy, something you sink your teeth into every time you get bored, frustrated, or need to sharpen your fangs. Read More

I Agree!

I agree to all these points for making a relationship strong. While reading them, what strike to my mind is that the root of all these essentials is one: Do not focus on the faults or weaknesses of the other in the relation! If only this much is done, laughter, spending good time, not criticizing - all dos can be followed so naturally. However, the question is how to see the other flawless? Well, a beautiful key is revealed about it in the below book:

as above

All well and good, but only if both partners adhere to the same set of rules or have the same goals, then that's fine but it doesn't work like that. What if you found out that your partner who you didn't talk about, that you trusted and were loyal to, had been discussing all your homelife and relationship to their son since he was 10 years old, and ousted you out of the shop you ran together so he could sneak his son in instead. What if you discover that the sacrifices you made, like the cancelling of dance lessons, cinemas trips, lunches or dinner out, no holidays for years and years, the time is spent on his hobbies and down the pub, squash, dinner out, cinema with his son instead, how the hell does that work then?

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