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Is Anger Management a Contradiction in Terms?

Working through anger is like working through a 3,000-piece jigsaw puzzle of the aerial map of Antarctica; it’s a invigorating idea in the abstract but almost impossible to do in the natural span of an ordinary lifetime. Read More

I think the reason religions

I think the reason religions tend to emphasize an after-life judgment is to keep people from enacting revenge here and now. Revenge has a way of cycling and escalating, because a human can *always* find a justification for claiming to be the victim. As you note, anger and the desire for revenge can be indicators of self worth, but they can also be indicators of delusion.

I knew a fellow who wanted revenge on his ex girl friend. They had 12 years together and she just up and left him without warning and for no reason. Let him talk, and it will turn out that she came home from work and found him and a buddy drunk and screwing a teenager in the living room floor. He says that "doesn't count" because he was drunk, hence she left for "no reason". People can always paint themselves as the "victim".

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