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7 Ways to Get a Man's Attention (Not Good Ways, But Ways)

Sure, much of the attention you get if you follow this advice will not be good; it might, in fact, come under the heading of "shocked" and/or "slightly horrified." The word "skeeved" (look it up in the Urban Dictionary) might be appropriate. But what kind of attention do you think is given to women who follow the weird, manipulative tripe put forth by the major glossies? Read More

Rules for Writing to Inform

Gina, when using an word or phrase not commonly understood for the first time, it is considered appropriate to define it rather than to (arrogantly) tell the reader to look it up themselves.

This is very funny ---

This is very funny --- unfortunately, I'm afraid that there will be women who will take this advice seriously...

...I hope that I don't run into them.


Thanks Gina,

I enjoyed that.

When talking to the young and/or insecure female I use the analogy that:

Yes, you can attract dogs if you smear yourself with bacon grease. But that does not make you Cesar Milan.

And I, like you, will advise that anyone who does not know who Cesar Milan is to look him up. Sorry AZWarrior.

WEAR RED!!!!!!

Thanks for the great advice! I've already worn an all red jump suit with red stilettos, red make-up, red wig, red hat, the whooole get-up to a nightclub. Let me tell you, it drew men like flies to a venus fly trap! Hallelujuah! I haven't gotten so much attention from men in years!!!! Phone numbers were literally being shoved into my sparkling red purse! I advise EVERYONE to listen to Dr. Barreca on that tip. Once again, thank you so much for the advice. I will try some of your other tips tonight when I go out hunting for more sexy suitors.

XOXOXOXOXO - Jezebelly Stephens

They'd work on me!

They'd work on me!

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