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Timeline for Getting Over a Bad Relationship

–Within 24 hours: Chance of making pitiful phone calls during the day decreases. Ability to look in the mirror without weeping begins. Anger also begins. Ability to shower and put on clean clothes increases. Need to talk about stuff aside from horror of relationship is almost impossible to stop. (Warn your friends.) Read More

"Ability to move about in

"Ability to move about in public increases." Yes! Such a smart and funny perspective on the relationship mourning process, Gina! I've already passed this on to my dear 20-something friend who is currently going through her first big breakup. She's amazed when I tell her that I've had (and recovered from) 3 great loves. She says, "I can't believe you went through all of this 3 times!" To which I reply, "Oh, I've been through it many times, but only three of them were worth the hassle." Thanks, as always, for your fabulous advice!

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do . . .

Haven't thought about breaking up in almost forty years!!!!! But I do remember that what you say is true. I'm passing it along to Ariel who is about four days into the pending breakup :(

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