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Battle of the Bras

Should you resign yourself to buying big old white brassieres from a catalog, the kind that hoist your breasts up and practically swing them over your shoulders? Should you buy a cute bra for $76.50 that will remain cute as long as it does not actually touch any part of your person? Should you just buy shirts with strategically placed pockets? Read More


I remember when this used to be a psychology site...

AndI remember when video game characters didn't read

Psychology Today;things evolve and turn into new, more complex versions of themselves. Some can keep up. Others, not so much. Many women believe women's lives deserve consideration. Obviously you don't. I remember when there were lots more folks like you and I don't miss those days.

further mysteries of the bra

Some readers may already know this, but the French term for brassiere (which does seem like a French word itself, non?) is "soutien gorge." My ex and I used to initiate bra shopping by announcing, "It is necessary to purchase something with which to hold up the gorge." But "gorge" actually = "throat," the French expression thus telling us that we are searching for the perfect device with which to support our throats. I wanted to share this information because none of it makes any more sense than the methods for measuring bra size. Thanks for a good laugh over an important female bonding ritual!

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