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Excess Cell Phone Usage Reduces Happiness

A Kent State University study linked frequent cell phone usage to reduced happiness in students, but did not prove causality. This article provides evidence that the relationship is, in fact causal: the cell phone usage causes the reduction in happiness for the users. Read More


I definitely agree with the author. Besides all the issues mentioned above, there are much other concerns. For example excess use of phone can cause hear loss. In my opinion that may help explain why there are more and more people complaining about aural problems. All of these may turn someone sad.

Alow me to share with you something that happen to me today. I have got married by late december. And you know what, due to so many life problems i could not inform all friends about it. So, while i was surfing online today using facebook, i discovered one of its new features, namely the setting that tell you" find friends from your address book". Then, while i was trying to figure it out, i mistakenly, applied my finger on button that says "send invitation to all contacts from your address book". You know what happens afterwards, a close friend of mine called me up and said, " i know what you have hidden from me. How could you get married without informing me?" and rang off. I was speechless.

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