Smart People Don’t Diet

How to eat well and be healthy through psychology, common sense, and the latest science.

We Aren’t in Oz Anymore

Last month, Dr. Oz was the recipient of public scrutiny when he admitted that some of the weight loss products he endorsed weren’t exactly supported by science and probably wouldn’t pass the Food and Drug Administration’s standards of safe and consumable products. But are any weight loss supplements safe and effective? Read More

What actually works: not

What actually works: not eating addictive foods. Our world is full of calories that only make you want to eat more calories. Of course, "just eating less" doesn't work when your last meal is sabotaging your willpower. So, like with any addiction, you have to throw out your stash, get a support network, and go clean. It's hard, but it's possible, and it's the number one thing that can help a person attain a healthy weight.

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Dr. Charlotte Markey is a health psychology professor at Rutgers University and author of Smart People Don't Diet.


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