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How to Stick With Good Habits When Your Willpower Is Gone

Decades of research have discovered that willpower is not something you have or don’t have, but rather it is a resource that can be used up and restored. Read More


I try to stick to eating right (a vegetarian) and healthy most of the day..but with the family i live and a very traditional type so you can imagine the so called pressures around to eat a little of this and that to satisfy their emotional needs that they are taking care of me etc.
but i try to stick to it and you definitely need willpower to follow suit.

i try to stretch and a bit of yoga when i wake up and have a nice whole meal breakfast or porridge or high fibre traditional breakfast etc. And for lunch at times i eat a decent lunch that is, some beans and some lentils or whole wheat bread and seldom white bread..and with low fat yogurt with honey. And also here and there some traditional spicy or non spicy vegetable dish cooked by mom or family.

And for dinners i try not to eat dinners but when i go out with family it does get hard to ignore people's constant fuss and pestering as to why I eat so less etc., so i just eat very few things from here and there but i see to it that i do not indulge. so i just eat a bit of fish and some nuts..and for snacks during the day even though there is food aplenty at home or work place, I try to eat some fruits and plenty of water and some crackers or toast bread and the like.

it is hard but i do see the possibility of change in environment that makes your brain think and feel differently.

Great article you have here!

smoking and will power

i have no will power when it comes to smoking. i wonder if it would help if i started putting my ciggaretes in differnt places out of reach? or when i go in the car not take them. im going to try this. thank you

good luck, sounds like a good

good luck, sounds like a good start to healthy lifestyle :)

Hi! I'd suggest to you The

Hi! I'd suggest to you The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allan Carr ( This is what I used to stop smoking, and it worked great.

I admire your intention to try to put your cigarettes out of sight, but dealing with breaking an addiction is a little more complicated than building good habits by creating visual reminders (which is essentially the gist of this article). Your desire to smoke isn't driven by the fact that you see the cigarettes sitting there on the table; they're usually in a jacket pocket or a bag. You get a craving for the cigarette, and you have to actively bring the cigarette out of its "hiding place" in order to satisfy that craving; so it isn't the visual reminder that is prompting you to smoke. If you put them out of reach or leave them at home, it will actually reinforce your addiction and desire to smoke.

Read the book I referenced above. It will help, I promise.

Are people really that

Are people really that gullible? I mean, when I want something I don't care where I hid it. I will hunt it down until I find it and gorge on it. I have pretty healthy diet habits today, although I'm a big sugar/starch addict, but - speaking strictly from personal experience here - this environment design thing sounds not only like a big waste of time but will make me resent myself for insulting my own intelligence, if that makes any sense. Plus there's all those times you're out in commercial establishments that actually will try to use it to their advantage - and in your detriment.

when fast food joints and

when fast food joints and restaurants use it to their advantage then is the time you have to be determined and stick to your willpower or else get sucked in to eating more than you want . vicious cycle.

The total package!

This is great! I started trying to develop more discipline and when I wasn't doing so great, I kinda got down on myself. So then I focused on willpower (which is only slightly different as far as I can tell... I think of discipline as something you don't have to think about, where as willpower might take a moment to kick in). When THAT didn't work, I tried motivation! But that's only as good as willpower- and you have to have the willpower or discipline to keep motivating yourself... lol it's a vicious cycle. BUT with an environment that sets you up for success- it makes ALL of the above EASIER to keep up. Great great article, thank you so much for posting. I'm checking out now!

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