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Losing Weight Because of CPAP?

Gwen writes: I'm looking for a connection between weight LOSS and sleep apnea. Read More

Here's the connection for me...

Before I got a cpap, I found myself eating and drinking alot of crap -- 20oz bottles of Coke, etc. -- to keep awake. Once I got on the cpap, that was no longer necessary. I also had energy to start an exercise program. The cpap was the tipping point for me. Voila! Weight loss...

Weight + Sleep Apnoea

Interesting coming across this blog, as I wrote one myself on this the other week explaining how OSA sufferers pile the weight on. I myself lost 35 lbs after treatment with CPAP :)

Thanks for sharing

This is clearly a topic which resonates with readers. Thanks for sharing.

weight loss and CPAP

When you have Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), you are tired during the day and carbs and sugar will give you a boost of quick energy. Unfortunately, the metabolism is slow and these extra calories are not burned off making it very easy to gain weight and most difficult to lose. Of course, when you gain weight your apnea can worsen along with all of the symptoms that go along with it.

Once you have been diagnosed with OSA and start on Positive Pressure therapy your sleep quality is usually restored allowing you to feel refreshed and alert during your usual wake hours. Many of my clients start to slowly lose weight without trying, but if you actually try to diet while using CPAP you can have the same oppertunity to lose the weight as a person without OSA does.

For some OSA clients that have anatomical obstruction of the airway can lose weight and might be able to have a decrease in their CPAP pressure, but may not ever be able to come completely off of the machine as the original obstruction is still there.

For those that do not have an anatomical obstruction and have simply gained weight; quit smoking and gained 30 pounds or had a baby and didn't lose the extra 30 pounds or simply gained extra weight could develop OSA; once diagnosed and on the CPAP you could lose the weight and possibly come off of the machine. The only way to know for sure is to be retested with a diagnostic sleep study.

When you go home with your CPAP unit you are usually set at a set pressure for the apnea you have at your original weight. Sometimes as you lose weight your upper airway can start to return to it's normal size and the pressure may need to be reduced. So with regular CPAP you may experience excessive belching, flatulence or a bubble of air under your diaphram that can be painful that has to be belched up. Your Dr may need to write an RX for your home care provider to turn the CPAP pressure down for you. Some sleep centers require another sleep study to find your new pressure.

If you use an Auto-PAP this type of machine will self adjust as you lose weight.

I have helped people sleep for 25 years and am the supervisor for two accredited Sleep Centers. I give lectures to groups and the corrilation between weight loss and CPAP are something I have been telling people for years. Sometimes it's actually the "Ah Ha Moment" to get people to use their CPAP units. I can talk about diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, daytime sleepiness, morning headaches, sexual dysfunction, nocturnal heartburn, memory loss all symptoms or disorders that can be associated with OSA and not get people to relate as well as the ability to help with weight loss.

Weight + Sleep Apnoea

Excellent comment Christine, and I've put a link back to this site for people on my blog to read. Thank you.

Thanks for writing this. Cpap

Thanks for writing this. Cpap machines vs. auto-pap can get complicated for some people.

CPAP Machine

how soon will you notice weight loss when using the CPAP machine? I am still tired during the day. how do I adjust the machine to my weight specification? they sent it through the mail. when doing my trail period it was on 4.0. I weigh 257 am on prednisone. how does this machine affects me and possibly help me?

Stand-up routine

My stand-up routine has been 4 or 5 times a night. Since the cpap down to once a night. If I only get 6 hours or less, don't get up at all. A lot different than the sleep study of waking up 79 times in an hour. No weight loss yet, I have been eating ever since I was born, hard habit to break. My brain is finally getting oxygen. Something I have been short on for about 10 years.

The body is an amazing thing.

The body is an amazing thing. Sleep is so just so important and should never be overlooked. I just read Christine's comment and she said a lot of what I was going to say, so dito! :)


The body is an amazing thing.

The body is an amazing thing. Sleep is so just so important and should never be overlooked. I just read Christine's comment and she said a lot of what I was going to say, so dito! :)


The body is an amazing thing.

The body is an amazing thing. Sleep is so just so important and should never be overlooked. I just read Christine's comment and she said a lot of what I was going to say, so dito! :)


CPAP Machines

I have had this machine recommended to me by several people. They claim to have seen vast improvements with their sleeping habits because of this.

How to lose weight

Losing weight requires much more time & patience as compared gaining it, it might be because you can't resist food & you're a foodie. Thus you need to avoid eating more, this you can achieve in a variety of ways as: Avoid going to parties, Avoid eating late nights etc.

It is also observed that people having breakfast are less fatty as compared to people skipping their breakfast, this is mainly due to the fact that when you skip your breakfast you probably eat more as usual at your lunch. So having breakfast is a part of your diet. There are so many other things that you can do to loss your weight. First of all you need to have a healthy diet which should be followed properly, Also you need to follow some aerobic exercises to give your body a shape...

How to lose weight - reply to someone who missed the point...


Nice explanation ... are you more than 25kg(50lbs) overweight? is you neckline nearly 17inches?

From someone that was 75 kg (150 lbs) 3 years ago and now 240 lbs.. eats well, no junk food etc etc (never been a junk foodie or American High Fructose Corn syrup kinda guy) you theory sounds absolutley rock solid.

Now I read the lines here and there on OSA it explains why i have swelling in my ankles (oyxgen starvation sympton) and fall asleep during the day.

2 months ago i started eating Raw/High Avail. nuts/seeds/barley/buck wheat/maize/ bla bla bla bla for breakfast with Acidophilous and Bifoduous Yoghurts, natural prunes etc etc. I feel great and so does my intenstinal and digestive system.

i walk every day for min 30-45 mins.

It's all BS unless you get a good night sleep. if i look back at what has changed dramatically in the last 3 years from and upto all the weight gain.... VERY POOR SLEEP.

So hopefully those that read, get a sleep clinic test from a trained expert.

take magnesium, selenium, boron, ioderal and multivitamin or better every day.

Not much point thinking of exercising if there's only enough petrol in the tank to keep the lights running.

good health to you.

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good diet

a good nights sleep can also come down to your diet or even your weight im using the dukan diet watch the video it may help you guys its funny to lol

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thank you

thank you for this article i loved it

Thank you so very much!

Thank you so very much!

crap and weight loss

Thx you for this great info
really it's helpful
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Weight loss with CPAP

I've been trying to find such a connection, I found that I lost 30kg/66lb within 6 months of starting CPAP.

I didn't actually do anything difference, just one day noticed I was lighter on my feet and started to walk faster. I'd been down to a shuffle but regained my speed and then some.

Now I maintain 7-8kmh for over .5km.

I also noticed a sharp reduction in appetite as the weight loss became evident.

As a result I went from a 44inch waist to 32inches, thats roughly equivalent to a woman going from size 23 to size 12!

My specialist didn't believe the loss was due to CPAP alone, I must have pumped iron at the gym.

I've had OSA since I was 7 or 8 but it was only diagnosed in 2005 when I was 45.

Now I don't use the CPAP as I sleep well without it.

Weight loss with CPAP



5 years older than me and our symptoms are the same. I look forward to CPAP and its benefits.

My friends tell me it's like listening to someone being "strangled to death" now when i sleep compared to before when i was just "cutting down trees".

Then i was 75kgs now i am 120 kgs.

its been 3 years ive tried everything and regardless of the dry mouth and the gas mask look i've decided to admit defeat and go for a clinic test and possible CPAP.

i still have some 32inch pants that i have kept for "when i get back to normal weight"....

thanks you have inspired me to go and get tested and get over my embarassment of looking like an outpatient in bed every night...

no offence intended to others... just reminds me of my father with mesothelioma before he died.

Godspeed to you.

Weight Loss with CPAP

That's great news for you Wenlock, and actually just lately I've been hearing about more and more people who have cured their sleep apnoea through weightloss :) You're obviously one of the lucky ones whose sleep apnoea was only weight-related.

Enjoy your new CPAP-free and energised life :)

Thanks a lot. It is also

Thanks a lot. It is also observed that people having breakfast are less fatty as compared to people skipping their breakfast, this is mainly due to the fact that when you skip your breakfast you probably eat more as usual at your lunch.

Thanks for posting

I have been on cpap for 2 days now. I cant believe the difference it has made. I am more energised and refreshed! I dont fall asleep behind the wheel anymore nor in front of my computer - just an amazing piece of apparatus! For a change I cant wait to go to asleep!
The weight loss I hope for because I am obese so I do hope for this and I am confident it will occur!

CPAP weight loss

All the best, hope your weight reduces as the increased rest takes effect.

It was a couple of months before it started and I was disappointed with the lack of change in the meantime.



Thank you for this great article, it is clearly a topic which resonates with readers

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