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Narcolepsy Drug Shows Promise in Depression Treatment

A shift toward including sleep therapy as part of standard treatment for depression stands poised to make a profound change in how we deal with depression, and with it a significant improvement for many the many patients who aren’t finding sufficient remedy in current therapies. Read More


Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I am going to ask my psychiatrist for a prescription for modafinil the next time I see him. I have dealt with treatment-resistant depression for almost 9 years, and I can attest to the fact that the treatments currently available for people with clinical depression do not always work!


I have been on Modafinil for almost 15 years and it has made a big change in my life. Before this I would fall asleep while speaking on the people on the phone and they thought I was having a stroke because my speech would be effected and I would struggle to stay awake while speaking with them. I also found taking Modafinil and having a black coffee really helps staying awake. IT also helps with the depression as well. I hope this helps.
It should also be noted that I ALSO USE A CPAP MACHINE to sleep at night.

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