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Kiwi: Super Food for Sleep?

What’s behind the possible benefits of kiwi to sleep? There are a couple of characteristics of the fruit that may make it a strong sleep-promoting food: Its high antioxidant levels and its high serotonin levels. Read More

I've heard that tart cherry

I've heard that tart cherry juice has the same effect... I like it and I will try the kiwis too when they are in season.

Has dietary serotonin been

Has dietary serotonin been show to be helpful for sleep? There are cells in the small intestine (enterochromaffin cells) that release serotonin during digestion; these cells contain the majority of serotonin in the body. How would additional serotonin from kiwi help? And is there any evidence that dietary serotonin would reach the brain for use in the appropriate neurons?

Also, there were no "placebo" controls in this study, and no comparison to other fruit. The subjects ate kiwi or (presumably) ate nothing. What if the improved sleep is simply from having eaten something an hour before bed? Or would any fruit suffice?

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