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Snoring May Be a Warning of Serious Health Risk

Snoring—with or without sleep apnea—is a very real health concern. Snoring is a sign of disrupted sleep, which can lead to many health problems. And new research suggests that snoring itself may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Read More

This blog is one of the few

This blog is one of the few quality blogs I follow to stay up-to-date on the topic of sleeping. (HBR Blogs is also very useful).
So I wanted to thank you for this blog and hope you will keep blogging for a long time!

Greetings from the Netherlands!

Snoring & Health

I think it's about time snoring was considered a serious health concern rather than a pesky annoyance that's often the source of humour.

Having a loud snore can be

Having a loud snore can be dangerous although some did not believe it. If you found out that you snore at you must seek advice or check solutions online. Their are a lot of remedies that can help you overcome your snore problems. You might be suffering from sleep apnea or worst.


Causes and Remedies for Snoring

It's incredible how many people suffer from this troublesome disease for both themselves and others (especially for your spouse). Snoring is a disease that affects not only adults but even children. I personally believe that surgery is the most effective way to remedy this health problem.

Stop Ignoring Snoring

Thank you for raising awareness on this important issue. It's time we stop ignoring snoring and seek out some solutions.

There is a solution, just keep pushing to find it

Snoring is no joke. I have spent a better part of my life fighting my snoring problem. Only recently, about 14 months ago, have I been able to eradicate my issue. click < href="">learn more if you are interested in reading about my experience.

Oral Snoring Appliances

Snoring should not be ignored. It should be treated with the most proven and easy solution. If not, it might put into play extraneous variables that can lead you to suffer major cardiovascular issues. One should consider which oral appliance is right for them before considering surgery or other extreme measures.

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