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Alcohol Likely to Keep You Awake, Not Help You Sleep

Alcohol is among the most common “sleep aids” that people employ to help them drift off at night. But, alcohol doesn't solve problems for sleep: it creates them. Read More

For myself

I find that drinking alcohol in the evening means a lot of restlessness and sweating at night. However, regardless of "happy hour", when is a person going to drink? You can't do it in the morning before work, you can't do it during work, and you can't do it while you're asleep, so that only leaves the evening hours before bedtime, unless you drink on weekends and blow off doing anything else. That doesn't sound like a very rewarding life!

So is there something wrong

So is there something wrong with me then if a stimulating affect is the majority reaction? Because when I drink 2 or 3 glasses I fall asleep like a ton of bricks, I thought this was the average case but maybe not?

I for one got caught in all

I for one got caught in all the hype regarding moderate drinkings health benefits, which I now hear is confounded by the fact that moderate drinkers have other potentially healthy habits (diet, exercise, etc.) causing studies (which were mostly if not entirely cross-sectional) to overestimate the purported benefits of moderate drinking. I noticed on the days I didn't drink I was far more likely to have restful sleep. Glad to know that my experience is vindicated by current research.

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