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Business Espionage

Knowing what competitors are up to, is an essential business key to success. So how do people go about gathering sensitive information they may find useful? What do you need to do to be "James Bond in the Boardroom." Read More

I have never felt the need to

I have never felt the need to spy on anybody though i am involved in a business. The article describes the methods how to spy on others by observing the activities of the opponent. The information is nice but i think this is illegal. Stealing the company's secret and getting success is not at all right and also of no value. Getting success is easy but the way you got matters which should be fair enough and by your own hard work. There may be several reasons for unsuccessful of business you may think to hire a good bookkeeper to maintain your records and business updates. Freelance Bookkeeper Newhall

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Adrian Furnham, Ph.D., is a professor of psychology at University College London and the Norwegian Business School.


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