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When Does Psychiatric Precision Become Diagnostic Madness?

The DSM revisions have become a train wreck, claim two former editors

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Serious questions have surfaced about the competence, procedure, and secrecy of the task force charged with the responsibility of updating the DSM, the world's diagnostic bible of mental disorders. Perhaps surprisingly, the two most vocal skeptics are former editors of the manual. In one open letter, they chide the leaders of the American Psychiatric Association for creating a "rigid fortress mentality." The critics, Robert Spitzer and Allen Frances, also insist, more damagingly, that the organization needs to "save DSM-V from itself.

I write about the dust-up in Slate today. The article, "The Diagnostic Madness of DSM-V" appears here.

Christopher Lane, Ph.D., teaches literature and intellectual history at Northwestern University and is the author of Shyness: How Normal Behavior Became a Sickness. more...

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