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Seven Types of Self-Care Activities for Coping with Stress

Self-care has to become a habit, so that when we’re dealing with stress, we remember that, “Hey, I need to take care of myself in this situation.” Fortunately, there are several pathways to self-care, and none of them need be difficult or take a lot of planning. Read More

Most of my stress happens at work!

Where crushing deadlines and office hours means I can't snuggle under a blanket or work on a craft project. That's mostly for the weekends. Weekdays are about dealing with chores, cleaning up, time with family (also stressful). And going to bed early to get up & do it all again. Quite often self-care becomes another "have-to" that there isn't focus or energy for. I only have so many hours after getting home!

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Dr. Barbara Markway, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist with over twenty years of experience. She is the author of four popular psychology books and has been featured in media nationwide.


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