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Is reading a book cheating by

Is reading a book cheating by just switching to a different information stream? I feel I'd be using it as a cheat, am I missing the point when that's the first thing I think of doing?

You are right about the big

You are right about the big organizations. I wonder when our government will realize that unrestrained capitalism is harmful to its citizens.
We are forced to work more and more to make money to buy things marketers tell us will make our lives better.

Why do regular Americans need to work 60 hours or more a week, while the bosses seem to have no problem making million dollar deals from the golf course.

I think Americans are becoming unhealthy from the effects of the unrestrained pursuit of profits. Intellectually, physically, spiritually, we are becoming sick.

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George Michelsen Foy, a novelist and journalist, teaches creative writing at NYU. His latest book, Zero Decibels: The Quest for Silence, is published by Scribner.


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