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What Do We Mean by Death, and How Does that Impact Our Lives?

Mel answers questions about what death means to us and what implications that may have for how we live our lives. He explores new understandings of consciousness and how that may alter our beliefs about death. Read More

NDEs seems to be no evidence

Do you believe NDEs are a hint that there is really more to consciousness? As far as I know only 18% of people in a near death situation experience them. Also its known that nearly all of the elements of NDEs can be triggered either by drugs or by stimulation of brain areas.

A second question is: why is there something like unconsciousness? In deep sleep we are not conscious. So why should we be conscious when we die?

If 18% of people experience

If 18% of people experience consciousness after presumably being dead, that would get my attention! I appreciate the medical explanation that parts of the brain are being stimulated after death, yet that might be argued for the entire life experience. In other words, our brains are stimulated throughout life.

More to the point, being conscious is equivalent to experiencing life isn't it?

Your second question is very interesting. One might argue that the conscious is simply the tip of the iceberg and that our unconscious --particularly for Jung -- is the vaster and more fundamental resource.

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