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Sex, Dying, and Death: An Integral Part of Living

Would you be concerned about your sexuality if you were told that you didn't have long to live? If breathing was hard. If going to the bathroom was a struggle? What if your connection to your own eroticism, or orgasm was something that you always had - but the disease that was stealing your life was now taking that too? Would you care? Read More

depends on the person

I think the answer is highly dependent on the person. Some would care very much, and others wouldn't care at all, which may or may not be related to how much they cared when they were perfectly healthy.

When the circumstances of Vice President Nelson Rockefeller's death were reported, some of my male friends said, "I couldn't think of a better way to go!" He reportedly died while having sex with a young woman. So some people think the best way to die would be DURING sex!

I agree that a primary doctor who has no specialized training in sex, which is the case with most primary care doctors, may not be qualified to address the issue. I've personally heard some really uncaring and uninformed things doctors have told patients, not out of spite, but out of sheer ignorance or the doctor's personal embarrassment.

And finally, I remember a stupid joke on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno about a year ago. The joke was based on a true scientific discovery of two 50-million-year-old fossilized turtles which were still in a mating embrace. They were still waiting for the female to have an orgasm. OK, I told you it was stupid.

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