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Busting Sex Myths For Baby Boomers

The fastest growing market in sex education today is "Baby Boomers." They grew up in the sexy '60s and are now confronting their own myths around sexuality, mid-life and aging. Boomers grew up believing that after 50 was a fast trip into a kind of sexual deep sleep. Now that many boomers have received their AARP card, they are finding that they're not ready for a nap. Read More

all good advice for matched boomers

This is all good advice and I totally agree. But it applies only to lucky boomer couples who are still sexually matched in middle/old age. Since no two people age exactly the same way, and many age quite differently, wouldn't it be more common for older couples to become sexually mismatched even if they were closely matched sexually when they were younger?

Older couples who have only society's myths to worry about busting are the lucky ones. Many baby boomers are dealing with the tough reality of a partner who is no longer even remotely on par with them sexually. In many cases, even therapy doesn't really close the gap unfortunately.

Libido mismatch is a tough problem to fix. Younger people mistakenly think the problem was not identifying that mismatch before the couple married. And so they think they will always have the libido they have. For some, it's approximately true. But for others it's not.

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