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On Being Female and Sexual Agency

Women continue to internalize the sociocultural assumptions that grant their male partners' sexual needs over their own. Understanding this pattern of behavior is empowering to women as they negotiate their sexual agency with health care providers, lovers and life partners. Read More

That's a lot easier said than

That's a lot easier said than done for some people though. Where do you even start gaining this

a point of view

to the author.

I don't think it is helpful to make such broad statements. The article makes it sound as if every female experiences the same thing which is of course not what this article probably wants to say.

This comes across as "The Truth".

That's just my point of view today and of course people can write what they want.

How many people have no sexual options?

I'm sure this is an important issue for some women, someplace. I know it was once upon a time for me, but when I read articles like this I often wonder - what percent of adult women (ages 18 to 100) have ANY sexual opportunities at all. What percent are lonely, never touched, never desired, have no options for partners, or have partners but never have sex with them? I look around and it seems like the vast majority.

I hear the term thrown

I hear the term thrown 'sexual agency' around mostly in the context of women performing sexually for men either personally or in sex work. "I choose to subjugate my desires to those of a man, therefore I have agency". It's a very twisted view of 'agency' in my opinion.

If a woman doesn't want to

If a woman doesn't want to have sex and hence chooses not to, that is also sexual agency.

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