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After 50: Standing at the Sexual Crossroads

When you turn 50, you have a choice to make as a sexual being – and it is a choice. Are you going to go into menopause and close down the part of yourself that is a sexual being? Is menopause the signal that we are done being sexual? Some people think so; but there is even a greater population who are stepping into mid life sexuality with a sense of excitement and freedom. Read More

I wish!

"1. I'm having the best sex of my life!"

I would be, if more men in their 50's were "up" for it!

Jokes about erectile

Jokes about erectile dysfunction are the best.

Murphy's Law of marriage

Actually, there are men in their 50's and 60's who are up for daily sex. But as fate would have it, many of them are married to women who take position #2 - they strongly opine that they have no desire and no desire to desire. Call it Murphy's law of marriage.

I wish!


I wish!

What do you do if you have a long time partner that just is not interested in sex anymore? No way, no how?????

I've always felt sex was

I've always felt sex was better in theory than in practice. NOT my thing...

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