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What's Keeping Your Relationship with Your Sexuality Small?

So, you want to travel to India, find inner peace, learn "Tantra", have a healthy and delicious relationship with your own body and have an extraordinary sex life. You say that you want to "find your orgasm", raise your libido, learn how to attract a lover or relight the fire on the relationship that you currently have. So why aren't you? Are you playing small? Read More

The article makes me feel

The article makes me feel courageous while reading loudly.Very practical fact about life of those who wondering their life with much desire to becomes true.But neither taking a step to proof it.They even dont know what opposes them for doing it as this is the lack of self interest/fear of anything/habbit to make an excuse to self.I can realise it because sorry to say i am among them.

All I really want is to learn how to be content with life as it is NOW

More pleasure will not make me happy.
I want to learn contentment with how things are NOW.
If there's one thing I know, it's that always desiring/craving/wanting more of sanything creates uneccessary stress. Having what I desire does not lead to contentment; eventually dissatisfaction and unrest will re-surface.

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