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When it Comes to Sex: Elusive Stimulates Desire

Sexual Alchemy is this incredible recipe of separateness and intimacy. And here is the kicker; if we don't feel the intimacy we tend to feel unsafe in allowing the separateness. Read More

You know how I read this?

You know how I read this? "He's interested as long as he's chasing you, but the moment he has you, he's bored and off to another doe". Which has pretty much been quite a large part of my life.

She keeps me chasing her so I

She keeps me chasing her so I never look for another doe. It's been 22 years and we met in 8th grade. Just don't let him 'know' he has you and you'll have him forever. IF, he is who you want.

BTW, she drives me crazy..

I don't mean anyone in

I don't mean anyone in particular. I refer to all the past ones that I did want, to a bigger or lesser degree. It doesn't matter anymore cause I don't want anyone and I don't care to start running for anybody to give chase. It's time someone else made the god damn effort, I've sacrificed way too much. And judging by your 22 years I'd say you're probably not younger than 50, so I'm not sure you count in my generation anyway. Older generations had their shit together, not the case anymore. And honestly, I don't need someone who's gonna dumb me and my kid again the very first minute I stop being the running doe, OK? If you guys want game, buy a fucking console, don't ruin other people's lives. And especially people who actually care about you? Really, how is that nice exactly? Thanks but no thanks. I'd rather meet a mature man than a player.

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