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Narcissism and Other Defenses Against Shame

Narcissism, blaming/indignant rage and contempt are the three most common defenses against shame. Read More

I have heard the phrase

I have heard the phrase narcissistic injury used before and I am still not sure what it means. Can you explain what narcissistic injury is and means? Can you also give some examples of narcissistic injury? How does narcissistic injury result/ response to what does narcissistic injury develop?

Narcissistic injury

Let me see if I can put together a post on that subject.

Is it live now?

I'm just wondering if you already come up with an article with the subject proposed on it? I'm interested to know more. Thanks!

I enjoyed your article -

I enjoyed your article - thank you for writing it!

I felt what you wrote about paralleled what I recently read in Alice Miller's "The Drama of the Gifted Child". Mainly the "...failures of attachment during the first two years of life...", which is linked with the "...unbearable sense of shame..." that becomes deeply internalized but protected by our compulsion for external validation from others.

I agree with you on reflecting on our experiences that cause us to feel contempt, indignation and self-righteousness. Again I feel this paralleled Alice Miller - that our reaction to narcissitic injury can be traced back to the first two years while we as infants bond - or didn't bond - with our parental figures.

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