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A Unique Shield for a Serial Killer

Evidence links Douglas Perry to three cold case homicides, but during the time since they occurred he has become a woman named Donna. She claims that, no matter what the evidence shows about Douglas, she is innocent. But is she? Read More

Oh, for pity's sake, this is ridiculous!

Look, I'm trans, and I know quite a few trans people. The fact that anyone would even give a smidgen of credit to Perry's line of defense is downright unbelievable to me.

"She didn’t do it, she insists. Although she is now 62, Perry states that at the time of those murders, “Donna” did not exist. That evidence is associated with Douglas Perry, her former male incarnation."

Transition is not reincarnation! Would changing name be enough to become someone else? No? Well, neither is going through transition!

"In her opinion, going from male to female made significant changes, including a diminished aggressive impulse."

Most likely true. Hormones do that.

"The person she is today, Perry says, should not be mistaken for the person who once inhabited her body."

True, but only in the same way that NOBODY is the same person they were 20 years ago.

"In fact, that body is no longer even that body."

Utterly false. We change the appearance and the chemistry of our bodies when we transition, but we don't exchange our body for another.

"Being a female, she believes, means that she does not pose a future danger for violence."

Completely irrelevant. Whether she poses a danger now has nothing to do with the fact that she has to answer for what she did.

""I don't know if Doug did or not,” she has stated about the evidence in the homicides. “It was 20 years ago.""

Horse manure, pure and simple.

As for you, Dr Ramsland:

"For a while, multiple personality disorder (now dissociative identity disorder or gender dysphoria),"

Woah, woah, WOAH! Gender dysphoria has NOTHING to do with MPD/DID!! Trans people don't have alters of any type. We simply suffer from a misalignment of our gender and our sex. Just because we often explain it as "being someone of the other sex trapped into the wrong body" doesn't mean we see that "someone" as being someone separate from us. It's not an alter; it's more like a facet of our personality that we keep hidden.

Please, we already have enough trouble getting people to understand us, to trust us, and to not see us as crazy, so I beg you, don't make things even harder by conflating gender dysphoria with DID!

That's the label that's been

That's the label that's been used, depending on which mental health expert you ask. But you're right, it's not the same, so I'll edit. Thanks for your comment. As for who would take her seriously, her defense attorney, that's who. I'm not diagnosing her, just reporting on the story.

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