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Stand by Me: Kids and Killers

As we watched the sentencing hearing last week for Tyler Hadley for the murder of his parents, an issue was raised about a friend who was aware of it but took his time calling the police. We wonder about other cases like this of kids who know about murder and aid a cover-up. What's happening? Read More

ref. Moors Murders

And yet 17 year old David Smith, Myra Hindley's brother-in-law, who was in awe of Ian Brady, witnessed Brady kill a man and then went home and told his wife, and with her went out to call the police and tell what he had seen. David Smith had had a criminal record since he was 11.
Perhaps the cultural representation of the killer as a powerful 'outlier' instead of a horrific aberration informs the teenagers of this generation. It's "cool" to be evil.

I think there's something to

I think there's something to that theory. Look at the Tyler Hadley coverage.

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