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Selfies and the Serial Killer

A female British serial killer who dumped her male victims in ditches photo-documented her love affair with herself, which is now on display for a jury. Read More

I am really quite confused as

I am really quite confused as to the purpose of the adjective "pretty" in this statement:
-"Once a pretty girl who’d aspired to be an attorney...."

Is her crime somehow more or less horrific because she was deemed attractive? It really seems to play into the bias that physically attractive people are somehow better, and their "fall from grace" somehow more poignant than those society deems unattractive.


It's just an observation of her photo as a kid, not a statement about pretty girls in general. You're reading too much into it.

You realize that you are

You realize that you are posting this story on a psychology website, and yet you don't want readers to analyze your words? That's pretty dismissive of you. You chose to put that in there, and if it was just an "observation of her photo as a kid" it fails to serve the story making it poor/lazy writing. So, it either was poor writing or a purposeful choice and serves to communicate something. Since a reader does not have the privilege of knowing more, they are left to "read into" what a writer is trying to say. I, a reader saw it, read it and found its purpose confusing, the only message I could garner from it was what I stated previously, that her physical features in the author's mind somehow makes this story more compelling.

Its a fact that attractive

Its a fact that attractive people have more opportunities in life, and generally get by easier because of it. This woman was pretty and seemingly smart enough to attend law school. Its not that it is sadder because she was pretty. It shows us that she had opportunities above what the average person has, and she still decided to go bad.

Whats interesting to me is the masochistic side to sadistic killers like herself. IE, she stabbed hherself as well as others. Ive never heard an explanation as to why this is with some.

And as far as selfies go, I dont know why organized serial killers dont all film and photograph the victims and pose with their trophies. Its just too easy to do, and everyone has phones that record these things that they love to relive over and over.

Looks like those serial

Looks like those serial killers are cold-hearted psychopaths.

I would like to show you the most dreadful crime ever in Spain, which happened back in 1992 and still is unsolved just because the official story of it seems to be mostly fake.
That's it:

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