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Cannibal Killer's Cave of Bones

A serial killer arrested in India yesterday shows the rare behavior of vampirism and cannibalism. Read More

Question Re: Extreme Mental Illnesses

Has the Mental Health Community yet conceded that there are Mental Illnesses the "victim" can not ever or never recover from? Over the top brain warps that can never be properly treated? I've always believed that no one is in their right mind who commits murder. They suffer from rage induced possession. But the serial killers can't come back, some insist para and pedophiles cannot be cured...that it's always a matter of not IF but WHEN they'll strike again. Cannibals seem to fall into this category so do most sex offenders. I submit that once one murders, (distinctively different than killing for self defense) they can never be trusted not to cross the line again. That even those who have had to kill for self defense be indefinitely monitored.

What do you think?

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