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The Healing Power of Erotic Love

The goofy idea that eros might help heal a fractured world still probably occurs now and then to young couples discovering the paradise of shared sexual pleasure for the first time. It's an idea we probably shouldn't let vanish completely. Read More

Being married for many years

Being married for many years gives me some perspective.
Experience has taught me a lot about many things:
Love, family, desire, sensuality...
Lots of things. And it gets very complicated.
At any rate, it does for me.

Does eros have the potential to change the world?
Everyone has a different answer to that question.
Perhaps it can change the way we look at the world.
And that can be a very healthy thing for our society.
Unless, that is, we go too far, and get unrealistic.
Life depends on family, which can be imperiled by too much eros.
Of course, that's a danger with any new idea.

I don't want to sound like an old fuddy duddy.
So many things have changed in my long life.

America isn't exactly the same place I grew up in.
Not by a long shot!

Up til recently, traditional mores kept us in check.
Good girls weren't suposed to cross certain lines.
Let's face it, nobody wants to go back to Victorian times!
You can bet on that.

Don't assume, however, that new lifestyles are always healthy.
Yes, I know some people are happy trying new things.
Keep this in mind, however: tradition is important.
Eros should never trump decency and morality.

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