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A Sex Therapist's Guide to Twitter, Part 1

Most sex therapists haven't begun to scratch the surface of what's available on Twitter these days, even though it may be the best source for new information about sexuality. Read More

Twitter tips

What good information, Stephen! It's true that Twitter is like a crowded cocktail party -- and the people that get listened to are the ones who know how to listen, give out interesting information, don't try to dominate, and give credit to others for good ideas or catchy comments.

The people who use Twitter to promote themselves exclusively, not paying attention to what others are saying, are ignored. But those who utter intriguing or helpful or clever tweets get our attention.

Be generous -- when you spot a good tweet, retweet (RT) it. If you're hoping to be retweeted, keep your tweet to 120 characters or less, so that others can RT it without editing it to stay under the 140 character requirement.

Thank you for including by blog in your recommendations! I'm honored.

Thanks so much!

And I hope it was OK that I called you a "tireless campaigner for the sexual emancipation of seniors."

"tireless campaigner for the sexual emancipation of seniors."

More than OK -- I'm adding it to my resume! Many thanks.

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