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Sex Research Takes a Strange Turn

Culture in the developed West has become much more tolerant of sexual differences. The arc of sexual culture is long, but it bends toward diversity. Female bisexuality has had a seat at the table of acceptable diversities for awhile. Male bisexuality is now waiting for a seat at that table. Read More

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

This is interesting. Are you saying that there is a belief out there that gay men nay not be gay at all? Or at the very least, not 100% attracted to their male peers?

That's interesting. I read an article here on Psyche Today about female and male casual sex -- for gay singles. Gay men do engage in casual sex, just like how straight men engage as well(for the record, no, I did not know gay men like casual sex, lol). But for lesbians, is not that simple. In my mind, after reading the article(I apologize, I forgot your name), I'm thinking, "Well, yeah. They're women". Of course it will make sense for women to not go around and sleep around with anyone. But the fact that lesbians and gay men respectively do what heterosexual single individuals do, respectively, was somehow big news. And I think it connects to this article.

To be fair, this is a different approach. We're talking biology, and some cultural elements about how gay men may in fact be bi after all. I do find it interesting in our culture how bi-women have become accepted in a short period of time. It makes sense on paper that they can be sexually attractive to not only women, but men as well(and animals as well). But for men, being bi does have a negative tone to it. As men, is interesting how two women kissing of physically active towards one another can be socially acceptable to men. To us, is hot. But if men were to come out and done the same thing, we're blind. The world is over. There's no question that traditional and social roles still have a powerful affect in our perception of other genders. Is it possible that, I don't know, gender identity is more real than we are willing to admit?

I'm not one of those who thinks that men as leaders and women as bossy have a bad ring to it. I do find it interesting how the media is paying attention to this cultural plight, allegedly. I think it says a lot about the woman, not the man, about how they feel about these traditional terms. Same thing if men say these things about women. Is probably you, not her. But as we continue to unlock our behaviors, socio-biologically and culturally, the answer may have been right in front of us this whole time.

I had no idea this was an

I had no idea this was an issue. I thought bisexuality was generally accepted in both makes and females and that the problem was bisexuals trying to suggest that everyone is bisexual and it's strict homosexuality or heterosexuality that doesn't exist.

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