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Why Is Male Bisexuality Like the Higgs Boson?

The mental health field has historically had a bad habit of mistrusting what people say about their erotic feelings. Now that we know for sure that the Higgs Boson of complete male bisexuality exists, let's see if we can believe our patients about other things as well. Read More

I think you got the analogy backwards.

Higgs' boson was fully presumed to exist. Everything pointed to that being the case. It just took a long time to be able to test the hypothesis chain. That's why it might have been more interesting if it hadn't been (tentatively) found.

Thanks for the correction!

That makes sense.

I think most of us in the sex therapy field were pretty convinced that male bisexuality existed out there somewhere too.

I'm just glad it didn't take a large hadron collider to find it!

Mike Bailey's "straight" stimulus" used in the 2005 study was girl-on-girl porn intended for heterosexual men.

In your article you state that the 2005 study by Mike Bailey's lab in Chicago showed the bi men (who were recruited from gay dating sites and via gay publications) straight porn. What they actually showed the subjects was girl-on-girl porn intended for heterosexual men. We're talking the kind with lesbian-for-pay women jabbing their long nails into each other's delicate parts, wagging their tongues together in a manner that is completely over the top - in short, sex that is completely mechanical, completely fake, and not at all enjoyable for those being filmed. To this day, it does not occur to the researchers of that study that the size of erections in response to this stimulus is an imperfect and problematic indicator of attraction to women, particularly romantic attraction.

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