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The Advantages of an Insecure Relationship

If you're in love don't relax just yet. Read More


Now please tell us something that we don't already know!


Well nobody can think that there is also an advantages of the insecure relation, This is an excellent article I really appreciate this article, Thank you for sharing..

Another way

Isadora, I love this article. If I may offer some insight from experience in my relationship (married 32 years on Friday) and as a marriage counselor, here's another way to keep the sex alive in a long, monogamous relationship. Delver more deeply. Learn to enjoy the closeness, the warm touch, the exclusiveness of your connection, your special shared humor and downplay the excitement part. It's much easier to get together just to make each other happy and enjoy each other than to have to generate a lot of excitement.

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Isadora AlmanM.F.T., is a Board-certified sex, marriage, and family therapist, lecturer, author, and syndicated advice columnist of "Ask Isadora."


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