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Forgiving the Foibles of Friends

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I too have little tolerance for rudeness. Sometimes it can be difficult to know when someone is being purposely rude or just thoughtless/preoccupied . For example, someone might be so stressed with their life that they forget to rvsp.

I struggle with knowing how to react to facebook rudeness. Some people will say it's silly because it's just facebook, but it's still a means of social interaction. Sometimes it's the main way I communicate with certain friends. When a friend ignores your posts or messages yet still claims to want to be your friend, I have trouble overlooking that.

I think the problem here is

I think the problem here is that you're assuming everyone else's lives revolve around you. Anytime we feel insulted, especially over people not showing up, etc, it is usually because we've taken it personally. People fail to show for all sorts of reasons - depression, social anxiety, worry over finances, worry over not having something appropriate to wear,etc. They're probably better off without you if you can't shrug your shoulders and understand and have a nice party and iinvite them again.

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