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We met and it was magic

I said hello in a Facebook message, innocently (sincerely naively), just very happy to see his name and hoping to become friends again. He had been very, very dear to me in high school but I knew decades had passed and I figured those things had been left behind. So I was content with the hope of reminiscing and sharing fond memories.

When he replied with such an outpouring of affection and remembered love, I was swept away. You cannot imagine how quickly (and unexpectedly!) I was captivated by his lavish attentions. I am still startled.

It's only been a year, but it has been filled with delightful old memories and feelings welling up. It is as if they never left sometimes. And we connect now in a surprising number of ways that we probably never could have if we had not been apart all those years.


I am delighted to hear your story. It reflects my own and many others I have heard, which is why I wrote this piece in encouragement. Thank you for sharing. I wish you joy.

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