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Sex and the Single Senior

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66-Year Old Sophomore

I would LOVE to have sex, but no partner. My libido is the same as it was at 20! I also look 40-ish! Fabulous genes.

after 60

my wife wont discuss it never mind do it

When a partner won't discuss sex

If your wife won't participate in a discussion tell her how you feel and what you propose when you have a captive audience. "Honey, I am unwilling to live a sexless existence. I want you to agree to come to a marriage counselor with me. Some things have to change between us." Then make the appointment.

When a partner won't discuss sex

Regardless of your partners age, male or female, the other partner must have "The talk" and communicate how they feel, and what they seek in a relationship.

While sex may not be the only element that exists in a relationship, it is the mortar that keeps the bricks of the together.

I hate to say this, but the alternative is leaving a relationship where the other partner id resistant to an intimate relationship, and sex.


If a partner of any age or sex won't discuss the sexless relationship and won't come into counseling yes, one can leave the relationship. One can unilaterally declare it an open relationship and act accordingly also. One can also, as many do, resign oneself to living in that joyless arrangement. I pertsonally would make sure the silent partner understands the choices being faced and then act as you see fit.

senior sex

Hi you might find this poem about sex in old age interesting



I did. Thank you for sending it.

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