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Online dating is still seen

Online dating is still seen as a loser's game, especially by some media who seem to think it's full of stalkers and con artists, and that No Good Comes Of It. And people who meet by conventional means also tend to be dismissive of it. Yet nobody thinks twice about telling people that they bought this fabulous item off Ebay, or stayed at a hotel they found on Wotif, or found this hilarious clip on YouTube or a breaking news item on Twitter. Even befriending random strangers on Facebook is acceptable. What makes online dating so mired in stigma? Will there ever be a tipping point that makes it so acceptable that in the future, it will be the only way to date?


I have not found it so among my friends or my counseling clients. As long as 15 years ago a couple I know who met online had copies of their online ads on the tables at their wedding for the guests' amusement. Those I know who meet online seem eager to tell their stories of how many frogs they had to kiss to find each other. You may need to travel in some new circles.

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