Sex, Murder, and the Meaning of Life

Exploring the simple selfish biases that make us caring, creative, and complex

The 6 Principles of Persuasion

People are trying to influence you every day, and you are trying to influence them back. If you're like me, you often botch your own attempts at influence, and occasionally let other people con you. Bob Cialdini is the world's expert on the topic of influence, and his research has uncovered 6 key principles of persuasiveness. Read More

There is a difference between

There is a difference between entitled and influence. Some people conflate the two. If they don't get their way, they become indignant and very angry inside. Influence should not come across as coercion...people have rights. You don't turn on someone because you simply did not get your way...that's very childish. Competitive people are the most childish...they whine and bitch at the slightest indignation they feel about something/someone. They must have had a very pampered life growing up to gain this sense of entitlement.

I recently wrote an article

I recently wrote an article applying these six principles of influence to salary negotiation:

So which one of these,

"professionals and con artists, many of them wearing nice business suits, religious robes, or reassuringly friendly smiles", is Obama and Gore? : )

info. & length

way to much lead up to not much.

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Douglas T. Kenrick, Ph.D., is professor of social psychology at Arizona State University.


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