Sex, Murder, and the Meaning of Life

Exploring the simple selfish biases that make us caring, creative, and complex

Do We All Suffer from Multiple Identity Disorder?

TedX talk on evolution and subselves

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William James suggested that we all suffer from a form of multiple identity disorder, and cognitive scientist Colin Martindale later suggested that we all have multiple "subselves," explaining the notion in terms of 20th century findings on state dependent memory.  In this TedX talk I discuss how more recent research on evolution and social cognition can expand on this idea.  Along the way I talk about our research on the effects of fear and loving on conspicuous consumption, one-night stands, and the influence of sex on people's inclinations to believe in God (click the picture to see the talk). 

Douglas T. Kenrick, Ph.D., is professor of social psychology at Arizona State University.


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