Sex Ed in Small Doses

Prescriptions for Sexual Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Knowledge

Should You Have Sex by the Book?

Throw out the rules and see where passion takes you. Read More

Well I am using the kamsutra

Well I am using the kamsutra for sex knowledge and to get knowledge about different passion so I am suing this sex book, And yeah I haven't completely read this article but its nice one..

My recommendation

My recommendation is have sex any way you can. If you need a book, fine. If you don't, fine.

Have sex while you're healthy enough, and whenever you manage to find a partner (I realize you can have sex without a partner, but it kind of sucks).

Living without intimacy is awful.

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Dr. Melanie Davis is a certified sexuality educator, professor, co-president of the Sexuality & Aging Consortium at Widener University, and author of “Look Within: A Woman’s Journal.”


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